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Grit & Grace

Course overview

These workshops are designed to help women gain confidence and change their life story. Through reinforcement of positive psychology strategies, resilience building and conversational reframing the participants develop a better sense of purpose to create their best life.

Our point of difference from other personal development workshops/courses is our focus on interactive activities, ongoing FREE mentoring and social connection.

Women learn the importance of building each other up and supporting each other to thrive. This has a ripple effect on sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, grandmothers and friends.

Positive connections

Ø  Safe relationships

Ø  Finding your “A” Team

Ø  Seeking Purpose and Meaning

Ø  Finding your voice



Ø  Gratitude

Ø  Fun

Ø  Mindfulness

Ø  Forgiving

Ø  Emotional Intelligence

Writing your story

Ø  Journaling

Ø  The power of words (change your language)

Ø  Removing labels

Ø  Setting boundaries

Ø  Self-care



Ø  Using your strengths

Ø  Setting goals

Ø  Be absorbed by the task



Ø  Change habits

Ø  Embracing change

Ø  Reframing

Ø  Push the edges

Ø  Remember to STOP!


Social connection

Goals and actions

Our participants are often surprised by the possibilities they discover; by thinking outside the box they are exposed to exciting new ventures:

  • Journaling
  • Learned optimism
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Hone your self-care skills to manage your health and happiness
  • Empower other women in your circle (pay it forward)

Deciding what's important to you

Wheel of Life

  • Relationships
  • Working life
  • Leisure

You can transform your Wheel of Life to a happiness-producing asset that lets you create your best life!

Happiness Habits’ strategic positive psychology-based methodology has helped many women achieve record personal growth during one of the worst periods in our history. How? By supporting them as they find their voice, rewrite their story and use the right positive psychology strategies.  Women achieve  maximum results to increase life satisfaction.

Women empowering other women is a powerful force – lifting each other up and  helping each other to differentiate what is beneficial from what is holding them back. You receive simple strategies you can implement daily support your ‘decision journey’ and support you as you gain insight into your perceptions about your world. Armed with this insight, you will build a powerful, memorable toolkit to establish your identity and create your best life.

Positive psychology research & analysis

  • One
  • Two

The importance of social connection

A strong life plan requires support and understanding from others who have experienced similar life events. Women need to have confidence in their decisions. So don’t let yourself down by skimping on social support, not only from family and friends but a wider circle of like-minded women. You will have access to free member-only resources such as:

  • Free mentoring – monthly get togethers to learn and practice your skills
  • Tiger Lilies group – ongoing social support
  • Community Services – a portfolio of community contacts
  • Education opportunities – vocational studies
  • Volunteer opportunities – introduction to local women’s groups
  • 30 day Challenges – an innovation in wellbeing