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Employable You

Employable You

Employable You workshops are delivered over 8 weeks and are designed to help job seekers gain confidence and change their life story. Through reinforcement of positive psychology strategies, resilience building and conversational reframing the participants develop a better sense of purpose to create their best life.

What will you learn?

Our Employable You workshops will include the POWER of learning the skills and strategies for the following to help you return to work or find new employment with greater confidence:

  • Positive connections-includes values, strengths, team work and communication.
  • Optimism-includes gratitude, initiative and enterprise, the importance of fun and mindfulness.
  • Writing your story-includes journaling, setting boundaries, self-management and self-care.
  • Engagement-includes setting goals, problem solving and finding purpose.
  • Resilience-includes learning about habits, planning and organisation and how to embrace change.

There are many more skills and strategies included. Come and join us to finally feel more confident and empowered to get the job you want and create your best life!