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Would you like an opportunity to learn the skills and gain the knowledge to feel empowered in all aspects of your life; to find your voice and “pay it forward” to other women in the community. Then the Happiness Habits workshops are for you.

Outcomes include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Values, beliefs, ethics, attitudes and Building Trust
  • Goal setting
  • Positive psychology strategies to boost you up every day
  • Role modelling, resilience and building self-esteem
  • What is a mentor/life coach?

Want to increase the likelihood of your success in creating your best life?

Women empowering Women (WEW) and emPOWER workshops increase self confidence, self esteem (yes they are different) and your ability to cope with life’s adversities in an effective way. Research has shown that a positive mindset can be learned and provides the following benefits:

  • increased longevity
  • lower rates of depression
  • increased immunity
  • better psychological and physical well-being
  • better cardiovascular health
  • better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Better stress-coping mechanisms 
We all face stressful situations from time to time. Job loss, trouble at home, conflict with co-workers, or having to face a high-pressure situation like an exam – these are only a few of the stressful situations that someone might have to deal with at any time. However much stress there may be in your life, it’s how you think about and deal with those stressful situations that matters. Researchers have shown that self-reported optimists are more likely to approach disappointment by identifying what actions they can take to make the situation better. Instead of regretting what went wrong or wasting energy focusing on things they can’t change, they try to resolve difficult situations. Non-optimists take the opposite approach, by taking it for granted that they can’t change the situation.

Better mental health 
Positive thinkers are less likely to experience mental-health problems such as depression, anxiety, and mostly, they enjoy better psychological health compared to others who think negatively. While we would never say that people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression can be “cured” by positive thinking, it does contribute to a healthier mind and more positive emotions over time. When you learn to approach your life with a positive attitude and to explain events in a beneficial way, it becomes easier for you to deal with those events.

If you don’t see yourself as an optimist, you needn’t worry. It isn’t hard to overcome negative thought patterns and start experiencing the benefits of positive thinking. Mindfulness is one way to help you overcome negativity. Through meditation, you can learn to break away from the way that you have been conditioned to think.

Better physical health 

It’s not certain whether people who are positive thinkers are more likely to engage in healthier behaviours such as exercising regularly or eating healthy foods or that optimists tend to be healthier because they experience less stress or are better able to cope with stress, meaning the effects of stress on the body are less. For whatever reason, optimists are healthier compared to pessimists. Optimists enjoy the following benefits:

  • live longer
  • recover faster from injuries and illnesses
  • have better immune systems
  • are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease
  • experience overall better health.

Better social life
Think about the people you typically want to be around. Are they negative, always complaining, or often in a ‘down’ mood? We’re guessing that’s not the case. It’s natural to want to be around people that are cheerful and optimistic. Therefore people that laugh a lot and tend to see events in a positive light are more likely to have more friends.

More success

Does having an optimistic attitude lead to success? Psychologists sure think so – because it means that you have an ability to look at a situation and, while it might be tough, you’re able to see around that corner and see a possibility…versus a difficulty. Some say that positive thinking is merely daydreaming about the future and fantasizing, whereas optimistic people are more likely to invest, take action and put effort into achieving their goals. High optimism predicts higher effort … and success.

Our mentoring strategy

The women we work with are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ideas and concepts:

Change your self talk — and attract more of what you want. Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time. Hone your skills to manage your life and family.

The wheel of life, also known as the life balance wheel, is a visual tool used to assess and understand how balanced your life currently is. Which area in your life do you feel is lacking power?

Move forward with your life

  • Health and fitness
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Relationships
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Work

You can transform your life with a positivity-producing mindset that lets you work and live with joy.

Happiness Habits’ strategic mentoring methodology has helped local women and others across the state achieve record personal growth during one of the worst periods in Australian history. How? By auditing the effectiveness of your current life strategies, developing and executing the right positive psychology mindsets, then developing and actioning goals to support you in creating your best life!

Happiness Habits offers empowerment workshops to build self confidence, support social connection and offer ways to find your voice and rewrite your story.

We offer two types of workshops:

  1. emPOWER
    A 2 day intensive women’s empowerment workshop
  2. WEW
    A free 9 week course (conditions apply)

Contact us to express your interest or to book.

Happiness Habits offers culturally specific empowerment workshops to support social connection and build powerful, memorable ways to rewrite your story and establish your identity in your life.

We offer two types of workshops:

  • Tidda Talk

Contact us for more information.

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