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How to Mentor Someone

Posted by: Penny
Category: Mentoring

Making a good connection

Some of the important things to know are what makes a good mentor-mentee connection, what skills are key to mentoring such as communication and planning capabilities, as well as how to best support the mentee’s future growth. There are some characteristics that good mentees possess, which can help you decide if being a mentor is the right fit for you.

Why mentor?

Mentoring is about being an extra support for a person who wants to create a better life for themselves. You can be the extra support that helps them navigate their way through difficult steps. Research has shown that mentoring can have a positive impact on the emotional and mental health of both the mentee and the mentor.

However, mentoring another woman can have a positive impact on the mentor by connecting them with others. In addition, they can discover different ways of doing things. All of these help the mentor grow personally, and can also be an advantage to the community as a whole.

How to mentor

Mentoring involves regular meetings. It can be difficult to organise these get-togethers in our busy world, so we have a mentoring coordinator to act as a point of connection and set up meetings. The Coordinator can assist the mentor and mentee in deciding on how often to meet and can also participate in your mentoring sessions so that you know how well you are doing.

A key part of mentoring is to help the mentee develop their skills and abilities. This means as a mentor, you will need to help them set some personal goals, and you may need to guide them on the steps to achieving those goals.

Acting as a mentor also means that you simply share your experience with your mentee. Let them know how you got to where you are in your life and don’t be embarrassed to share your failures as well as your successes. This will help them as they move forward with their plans for their future.

Don’t be afraid to get to know your mentor personally. Find out what personal goals they hope to accomplish to assist them along their journey. It is okay to celebrate milestones with your mentee. Creating a personal connection will enhance the mentor-mentee relationship and lead to success in the relationship.

One way to help your mentee is to inform them about any education or training opportunities that they may be interested in. This includes any workshops or chances to develop their talents or learn a new skill.

Keep in mind that every mentee is different, and you should approach each mentoring relationship differently. The goals and objectives of each mentee will be unique to the individuals involved. It is helpful to sit down and write out goals and boundaries for the mentoring relationship. This can include how often you will meet, what the mentee hopes to get out of the experience, what the mentor can offer and how long the relationship will last.

As a Happiness Habits volunteer mentor you will receive free training that covers all the information and guidelines you need to support your mentee.

How long should mentoring last?

There are no hard and fast rules about how long the mentoring relationship should last. However, there is a basic idea that six months to a year is an adequate amount of time for the mentee to outgrow their mentor. Yet, there are some mentors and mentees that continue the process for years.

When looking to set a timeline on the mentoring commitment let your individual desires be the guide.

It may also be necessary to alter the timeline with each mentee, depending on their needs. Some mentees may only need a few months of guidance while others will benefit more from a longer-term connection.

One way to determine if the relationship is working and should continue is to do a periodic evaluation with the Coordinator where both the mentor and the mentee can offer feedback on the relationship. This can be done at the three-month, six-month and eight-month mark or whenever one of the individuals involved feels it is needed.


Mentoring can be a rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee. Mentees benefit from having an experienced woman teach and guide them towards their best life. It can also help mentees develop a plan for their future. For the mentor, the opportunity to give back and make a difference in the life of someone else has countless benefits, particularly emotional and mental. It can also be a learning opportunity for the mentor by giving them a chance to learn new techniques to become more effective.

In life, we can all seek to develop our skills, continually learn new things, and challenge ourselves on a regular basis. This naturally takes a degree of devotion, and life can often get in the way of our self-improvement efforts. Having a mentor – that is, somebody who can help guide, advise and teach you through a problem or towards a goal – is a great way to stay on track.

Remember that mentoring has the power to accelerate our self-development, life progress and overall confidence, it’s pretty surprising that very few people have a mentor, particularly given that so many successful people recommend and praise the mentor(s) they have had in their lives.

    Nearly 80 percent of all learning is considered to be informal, meaning that it is not done by reading or taking classes, but rather by learning from others, such as a mentor.
  • Be empowered in your personal development:
    Personal empowerment means taking control of your life and requires you to set meaningful goals to identify what you want from life, and then take action to achieve those goals and have more impact over your world.
  • Identify and achieve life and career goals:
    Whether you’ve got no clue what you want, or you have a mile-long bucket list, hopefully, there will be something from your mentor to get you highly motivated.
    Stay focused on your best life and improve your skills, networks, self-confidence, and ultimate success along your path. Learn about yourself and work out how and where you should be headed to achieve the best outcome.
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