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Women Empowering Women on the Central Coast

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Women Empowering Women on the Central Coast

The Women Empowering Women (WEW) is a series of FREE workshops bringing women together to learn about themselves and others in a safe, positive and completely encouraging environment. If you’re yearning to create connections with others outside of your immediate circle, to socialise with different age groups and get to know people you usually wouldn’t have the chance to meet, then WEW is for you!

The last WEW workshops for 2019 are almost finished but there will be more starting in Feb 2020. Get ready!

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WEW gives you tools to help you:

  • Breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and find new patterns of thinking that push you to thrive.

  • Understand the importance of being empathetic & compassionate to others.

  • Learn how necessary it is to set your personal boundaries to avoid burn out and being taken advantage of by others.

  • Set actionable goals and help you achieve them.

  • Identify unhealthy behaviour & relationships.

  • Gain control of your financial planning.

  • Bond with & help others.

  • Build confidence in yourself & your decisions.

  • Ditch the social pressure and tune in to what your heart really wants

  • and sooooo much more!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank

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